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Since 1978

Folle is a Turkey label specializing in premium footwear for women. In a market awash in mediocrity, the Folle brand represents true excellence.

Designed and hand crafted in Turkey, our range of styles beckons the universal dandy, offering a range of colours, textures and prints in rich calfskin leather and suede as well as more innovative materials like specialty velvet, with a royal, luxurious feel. These materials are carefully sourced and selected for their quality and durability.



The manufacturing of the Folle line is entrusted to a 50 years old family owned factory that prides itself on its experienced and highly skilled craftsmen, proficient in producing the quality that Folle guarantees its discerning customers. This also gives us the added satisfaction of supporting a time honored tradition of workmanship that approaches our product with precision, care and respect, in contrast to the mass produced merchandise seen most commonly.

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